When i was 17 i met u in school,
You were dressed in black n i found you cool( actually foolπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡).

A board decoration contest made me interact with you,
N teacher’s day dance bought me friends new.

Your curly locks and short height,
Our unnecessary arguments accompanied with silly fights.

How you teased me with that non veg food and stuffπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘,
And mam caught and scolded you really tough.

And then i remember how i knew your choice,
My bestie was your crush and i gave u advice.

Best friends as said are”Born to be insulted “,
Our biting counters on each other cannot be moulded.

i remember what you were-” a stupid”,😬
You dated my cousin and there i was a cupid (like seriously 😠😠😠).

I hate you that you ditched her for no reason, 😴
Do you keep changing your girlfriend every season. 😠😠

You and me we share a really strange bond,
“Sindhis” were always about whom you were really fond.

Your call for parties for no absolute reason,
Your love for momos and donuts being interesting fusion.

Unlike the world that says ” a boy and girl can never be friends”,
We took it as a challenge and initiated a different trend.

Our equation is of mixed emotions and fun package as a whole,
Where you and me play interesting and dramatic role.

It is always pleasure speaking to you i agree,
Your sense of humour makes you interesting for which you should get a degree…. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Years passed and you are still my bestie,
Although you are bit weird and almost crazy.

Β© Rashmi Awtani

P. S- I wrote this on demand of really special Friend of mine… Although I hate him for hell lot of reasons that he has given me to… But as he says”no one can resist me”… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘He adds on a spice to my life.. I love him really although i never showcase that in front of him, or else he will boast about himself… Idiot 😬😬 I hope i justified this… What say??



Unlike the rest i never wish that “I never met you”

Because you for me were my wish “Out of the blue”

I never knew myself before i met you

N there was much more that i knew about you

I don’t know what went wrong n we grew apart

Because in school we were together held as inseparable part

With lots of love and all silly fights

I slept blushing thinking about u in nights

I remember we met during annuals of our school

You came to me with your friend n i stared you like a fool

I couldn’t accept your chocolate as i thought it was call for a proposal

And scared of rules i was left in a puzzle

Deep in my heart i knew i had love at first sight

Confessing it to you i needed some light

Those morning assembly was my favourite part

Bcoz i get to c u… What better could my mornings start

Catching up at water-coolers was stop where we met

N those few minutes that we stand there n used to chat

All you wanted from life was fame

Me being different always claimed for name

I missed you when u were absent in school

I couldn’t call you from home as that was a rule

We argued a lot after listening rumours about us

As you were 2 years younger and that was a mess

U claimed me to be most beautiful in our days

I miss my place as that was the most amazing phase

I promise you that i respect your decision n will never come to you

Begging your love is something that i will never do

I wish you world’s happiness n place in bollywood

U were an inseparable part of my childhood

After school i never met someone equal as you

I forgot how to love n that’s how i grew

I dont know the reason why we departed

I think the problem could have been sorted

No complaints , no grudges do i hold against you

You were and are My First Love n that is True

-Β© Rashmi Awtani

P. S- There is much more i missed but i tried my level best to put my journey of school’s first love into words n i really feel sorry that i couldn’t make him read this as our ways are different……


Someone asked me what is love

To which i replied its as pure as dove

Love is much more than what lovers do

It is actually wearing that brand shoe

It is eating all that street food


And refresh all that drowned mood

It is sleeping on your mother’s lap

And hitting ur sibling with a good slap

It is wandering about with your cousins in mall

And not buying anything but enjoying that free fall

Love is about family and good friends

And doing shopping keeping in mind latest trend

Love is apart from materialistic things

Happiness along that it brings

Love is the most beautiful feeling they say

It has to be a part of our everyday

– Rashmi


Everyone over here is celebrating

Ignorant how badly they will miss her

Once gone in – in laws she will never be yours

Now you can’t stop or hold her

People are busy eating and dancing

N talking about their attires n jewellery

Finding the partner for their children in marriages

Is again a part of their duty

See how beautiful and happy is she looking today

N tomorrow when she becomes a bride, she’ll glow

Her father has found a corner so that no one notices his emotions

Her mother is busy with guests around

How a harsh reality is that – that daughters have to leave their homes

And settle with someone whom she has hardly known

Why cant the norms turn their side

So that there is no compulsion to abide


That Girl- on her birthday

Oh, It’s her birthday and she will turn twenty two,

In glimpse of an eye, it seems how she grew?

Now her parents are worried, time to find her a guy,

Apart from education and career, she should know how to cook and fry;

But she feels she is too young to marry,

So many responsibilities how will she be able to carry?

What if she already loves someone?

Will her family accept or will b scared of every one?

Why they feel- choosing life partner on own is a crime?

Society’s mentality will be changed by what time??


Driving down the lane, a thought clinched my mind,

A person like you, where will i find?

People scare me saying that your generation lacks commitment,

Will i ever find a PARTNER that can be called different

Away from liquor, drugs n moreover girls,

Will you have time to notice my curls?

Will you support and stand by me?

When i need you most, will you make yourself free?

I wish in my afterlife everything falls in place

Because there are many dreams which are left to chase


When I meet you

I greet you

Than i touch your feet

And feel a positive heat

You assured saying ” Child you have a great fate”

“And everything is decided to be on given date”

After i leave your place

I can feel all your grace

I ask for your mercy

N you shower it on me

God there is none above you i always believed

You are eternal and that makes me relieved….